The use of the anti drone system

In recent years, science and technology have made a qualitative leap, especially the development of UAV technology(anti drone system), which has many prospects for beneficial application and development. At the same time, low-cost UAVs are growing wildly and are used maliciously. They can carry cameras, weapons, toxic chemicals and explosives, and are widely used in terrorist attacks, espionage and smuggling, Various "crimes" of UAVs have been reported all over the world, interfering with aviation safety, secretly photographing nuclear power, secretly photographing prisons, forcing the subway to stop, smuggling drugs, throwing parcels into prisons and other illegal activities.

The illegal flight of UAVs seriously interferes with the normal order of the national air defense warning system(anti drone system), resulting in a major waste of national human, material and financial resources. It also brings great potential safety hazards to the protection of key national parts, daily air defense, military and civil aviation flight safety and social security and stability. Fast growing species are bound to produce corresponding natural enemies to inhibit their growth. This principle is also applicable in some scientific and technological fields. Therefore, UAV jamming equipment came into being.

During operation, (anti drone system)the UAV jamming system releases the radio signal with the same frequency as the UAV, cuts off the contact between the UAV and the operator by interfering, cutting off or suppressing the GPS signal and Beidou deception, and makes the UAV hover, return, escape or fall, so as to attack the UAV, which has achieved the purpose of blocking the UAV from flying into the no fly zone. The products are mainly used in anti-terrorism, information battlefield, military station, oil, nuclear power, airport, government building, conference place, confidential occasions and other important equipment and facilities, so as to prevent other personnel from secretly photographing and dropping bombs by UAV.

The most commonly used forward anti drone technology is the direct forward interference based on the signal repeater. Its effective interference degree can destroy the other party's equipment or operators to some extent. The main principle of GPS deception is to send false geographical coordinates to the UAV control system, so as to control the navigation system and induce the UAV to fly to the wrong place. The GPS signal can be generated by the generator, or it can be recorded and replayed in advance. Since the GPS signal received by the UAV is always subject to the signal source with the strongest signal, as long as the strength of the artificial GPS signal on the ground is large enough, it can cover the real GPS signal transmitted from space, so as to deceive the GPS receiving module of the UAV.