How does a phone signal jammer work ?

The phone signal jammer works by transmitting out thesameradio frequency as the mobile phone signal. Thus, it can overpower the phonesignaland interfere its communication with the mobile base station. Its work is as below photo indicates.

The phone signal jammer is a necessary item for some reasons:

1.To keep a place quite from phone calls and other noises

2.To keep the information leaking from the business, government, military environment

3.To maintain the examination justice in school, training and other competition

4.To avoid the illegal GPS tracking, SPY, eavesdropping, bugging by phone SIM car

It is widely applied in different fields such as below places:

1.Justice Administration: prison, detention house, reeducation center, public security, court, Procuratorate.

2.Education: examination room, teaching classroom, dormitory, social examination sites, education training institution

3 .Conference room of Party and government offices and administrative unit

3.Storehouse of Factory, Workshop, Mines, Assembly

4.Military Place or Important Confidentiality Place

5.Cinema, Theater, Concert hall, Memorial Hall, Auditorium, etc.

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